vrijdag 1 maart 2013


My bag which I use everyday when I go to school is my bag from Zara. I bought it two years ago in Spain. The material of the bag is suede and leather. Now that the bag is becoming older the leather is becoming more and more beautiful.


I always bring my Ipad with me so I can make notes on it or ofcourse look at some blogs. Something else I bring everywhere is my Iphone. So keep my Ipad and Iphone at all time charge I bring a charger and to listen to my music my earphones.
Next to my Iphone is my agenda and a pen. Another thing I bring is my wallet. This wallet is from Mango and I got it at Spain last years summer. I really liked how the inside of the wallet is.
I alsow bring some parfum with me this one is DKNY pure. Then for dry hands I bring my coconut&cream handlotion with me. I just love the smell of coconuts. And for dry lips I use Labello.

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