vrijdag 22 februari 2013


This week I shopped a little bit at Primark. My city Zaandam now has a Primark for I think about one year. I really like Primark to get some on trend clothing and accesoires because you don't want to buy these things for a huge amount of money. The first thing I got is this shirt with the text 'who's the boss?'. I really like this shirt and for 5 EURO I couldn't resist it.


Then I also saw this pink neon shirt with the phrase 'OMG' on it. I really liked the colour and would be great for spring and summer with a jeans some shoes and a blazer. This shirt was also 5 EURO.

After I picked out the shirts I went to the jewelry section at Primark. When I saw this necklace I immediatly thought about the necklace from H&M which they had last year. It looked actually the same. I didn't buy the necklace then because it was sold out and I couldn't find it anywhere. So when I saw it and it only cost 5 EURO I had to buy it. I really like the neon yellow in the necklace. Also I picked up this spiked braclet which was 3 EURO.


The last thing I bought was this bikini. The colour is beautiful and great for summer. The bottom and top were 7 EURO together great deal right?!

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