zaterdag 23 februari 2013

A party on my arms

When it comes to jewelry I almost only wear silver with some rose gold. I don't like gold I have no specific reason for this but I just love my silver jewelry. In the years I have collected quite a collection of jewelry. My collection exsist out of brand new jewelry and my mums old jewelry.
I have picked out some of my favourite jewelry to show you guys.

At first are my bracelets from the store Claire's then is my beautiful watch from Michael Kors. I have this watch for more then three years and I'm still in love with it. Then I have two silver bracelets from the brand TOV essentials a small one and a big one. I like to combine the bracelets from Claire's with the one of my TOV essentials bracelet.


These two bracelet I got from my parents and my grandmother. The silver one is from my grandmother the chain is maked from a old pocketwatch and there are two old coins on the bracelet. The other one is a leather bracelet from NOOSA Amsterdam. The whole idea behind these bracelets is that you buy the leather bracelet and you can buy different chunks to put on the bracelet. So you can design your own bracelet.
One of my favourite brands to buy jewelry from is Calvin Klein. I love their simplistic designs that goes with every outfit. I got a rose gold and zilver bracelet and ring set which I love because you can combine this with other silver jewelry. Then I got two silver rings which are both the same design but a small and large version of it. The last ring is the silver with black, because I wear a lot of black I really liked the combination of the ring.

At the moment I love my big statement necklaces. I got this set from H&M which consist out of a necklace and bracelet a couple of months ago and really like the design. The other necklace I got at PULL&BEAR where I went shopping when I was at Antwerpen last year.



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  1. Beautiful jewelry! Love the bracelets and the last necklace :) X