woensdag 27 februari 2013


I really like to wear nail polish and therefor I have a lot. Now that spring is around the corner {I hope so} I piked out some of my favourite shades of nail polish. In the summer I like to wear bright colours or nudes on my nails.

I have collected quite some nail polish from Rimmel London. I think these colours are perfect for spring and summer.

From left to right:
 Limealicious 460 - Ultra Violet 312 - Cocktail Passion 313 - Peppermint 500
Sky High 825 - Shocker 270

Another brand of which I got a lot of nail polish is Catrice. I like the brand and the nail polish is reasonably priced. These are some of my favourites colours of Catrice.

From left to right:
Birdy Reloaded 700 - Apropos Apricot 520 - I Scream Peach 170
Hot Or Not? 180 - Meet Me At Coral Island 030

From left to right:
Moulin Rouge Light 050 - Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
Dance like a Prima Ballerina 010 - Top coat pris matic effects

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