donderdag 14 maart 2013


I first got introduced to the brand Bershka when I was on holiday at Spain. After some time the brand also opened a store in Amsterdam. When I was younger I shopped a lot at this store. But now I don't gome there very often and didn't like the style of the brand anymore. This week I decided to give the brand another try by visting there website. When I was on the website I saw that there lookbook from March was out.

The collection consist out of a lot of colour which is perfect for spring and summer. Another thing that caught my eyes are the prints they are using in there collection.
What do you think about the collection?

woensdag 13 maart 2013


When it's getting warmer and spring/summer are around the corner for me it's time to look at bikinis. Sometimes it could be very difficult to find the perfect bikini for summer. So I picked out some of my favourites bikinis for summer.

   Top 20,78 EUR   -   Bottom 18,18 EUR

dinsdag 12 maart 2013


Last week I went to the shopping area in Zaandam and shopped a little bit. At the moment the spring and summer collections are hitting the stores and I couldn't resist the idea of summer so I shopped some summer stuff.
The store were I went was H&M. I had some gift cards which I got for christmas so I didn't actually had to spent my own money. I saw these pants at the online store for H&M quite a while ago but you can't spend your gift cards at the online store so I had to wait until the pants where at the store. I really like the print and the colours of the pants. I think I'm going to wear them with a loose white top a jacket and some converse. The pants were 29,95 euro.