donderdag 7 maart 2013


Mango is one of my favourites stores to shop at. I love the fact that the prices are going down instead of the prices going up which is happening at Zara. For the new campaign Mango has picked out Miranda Kerr. The campaign is beautiful which isn't that hard if you have Miranda Kerr as your model right?!
I have picked out some of my favourites items of the collection. The first item is this transparent necklace.

Really like the detail that the necklace is transparent.

Really like this bag and love the neutral colour for spring and summer. I think I need a neutral bag for spring and summer because all my bags are black oeps.

Love the blouse. I already own a black and white blouse from H&M but this one is also beautiful.

A white jeans is such a great piece for spring and summer and I don't got one so I think I might pick this one up from Mango. I think the destroyed look is lovely and with a black and white blouse on it I am ready to go.

This white coat is just gorgeous. It will look great in spring and summer with some jeans and a blouse underneath. But the downside is that it will get dirty very easily.

Love these sandals great for spring and summer.They are available in a nude colour which I also love.

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